Inheritance and Selection Overview

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This is a topic overview for the topic Inheritance and Selection.

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Inheritance and Selection Overview
1 Past Targets
1.1 Label diagrams in more depth
2 Key Terms
2.1 Genotype - the genetic constitution of an organism
2.2 Phenotype - the expression of the genotype and its interaction with the environment
2.3 Allele - alternative versions of the same gene
2.3.1 The alleles at a specific locus may be either homozygous or heterozygous
2.3.2 Alleles may be dominant, recessive or codominant
2.3.3 There may be multiple alleles of the same gene
2.4 Locus - where the gene is located on the allele
2.5 Homozygous - where both alleles are the same
2.6 Heterozygous - where both alleles are different
3 Genetic Crosses
3.1 Dominant - Von Willebrands Disease
3.2 Recessive - Cystic Fibrosis
3.3 Codominant - Sickle Cell Anaemia
4 Hardy Weinberg
4.1 Conditions
4.1.1 No Mutations
4.1.2 No Migration
4.1.3 Random Mating
4.1.4 Random Fertility
4.2 Gene Pool - all of the alleles in a population
4.3 Allele Frequency - the percentage of the allele in a population
4.4 Equation 1: p^2+2pq+q^2=1
4.5 Equation 2: p+q=1
4.6 Provides a mathematical model which predicts that allele frequencies will not change from generation to generation
5 Selection
5.1 Directional
5.2 Stabilising
6 Speciation
6.1 Mist
6.1.1 Mutation
6.1.2 Isolation
6.1.3 Selection
6.1.4 Time
6.2 Geographic Isolation separates gene pools causing changes in them
6.3 Reproductive Isolation - when the changes lead to the two populations becoming incompatible
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