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1 Advantages
1.1 direct involvement of citizens in decision making
1.1.1 If the public are able to piock the laws in the country they live in, more likely that they will choose to abide the laws so perhaps a better relationship between government and citizens enables the people to have a say
2 Disadvantages
2.1 referendums undermine parliamentary sovereignty- it is the job og elected MPS to carry out the duties they have been elected for. Some issues are too complex to be catagorised into yes/no or for the electorate to understand- MPs elected to represent our views
2.1.1 voters show little desire to participate - 41% turnout in May 2011 AV referendum, 35% turnout in wales over devolution to welsh assembly March 2011, the actual assembly was created due to the 50% turnout in 1997 which led to its establishment (suffering a lack of democratic mandate). They create political uncertainty - especially when the results are certain decisions made now could impact future generations- like Bristol voting yes for a mayor (53% yes), welsh electorate in 1997 passed notion of an assembly with 51% votes in favour. timing of campaigns could bias results- Scottish referendum 2014 held after commonwealth games in Glasgow, government want people to vote when their is a nationalistic atmosphere? Could be argued that goverements only hold referendums when they have predictictions which will benefiet them wording of questions may also be biased because they make voters feel like they have to choose one side- Manchesrer cingestion charges " do you agree with the Transport innovation fund proposals", no mention of congestion charges so was a misleading question- phrased to encourage positive response tyranny of the manority - should the government listen to the majority ang ignore minority? How will democracy be ensured for the minoritry
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