Hulme Crescents: City Challenge

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Cambridge IGCSE Geography (Urban Environments) Mind Map on Hulme Crescents: City Challenge, created by lloyd.richards98 on 12/17/2014.

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Hulme Crescents: City Challenge
1 Hulme Crescents
1.1 Inner Manchester
1.2 High Crime and theft rates
1.3 Frequent mugging and suicides
1.4 Small housing areas
1.5 Families forced to live in small cramped areas
1.6 Decks of terraced flats stacked on top of each other
1.7 No gardens
1.8 Dangerous for children
1.9 Disease and vermin spread
2 City Challenge
2.1 Set up in the 1990s
2.2 Involved local communities and authorities, plus private companies
2.2.1 Took views of local people into account
2.3 Hulme received £37.5 million
2.4 Some old Buildings retained
2.5 Local Schools and new park built
2.6 Traditional layout used
2.6.1 Stratford Road rebuilt
2.7 Homes designed to be energy and water efficient
2.8 Crescents demolished in the 1990s
3 Changes
3.1 Crescents replaced with 2 storey houses with gardens
3.2 Hulme Arch Bridge Built
3.3 New Road infrastructure
3.4 Birdley Fields business park
3.5 2,000 new homes up for sale and rent
3.6 New Park
3.7 Youth Centre
3.8 Regeneration of the Princess Road
3.9 Positive impact on people
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