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Questions that will most likely come up on your gcse's

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1 Constructive Plate Margin
1.1 Occurs where plates move away from eachother - as with the North American Plate and the Eurasian plate in the Atlantic Ocean
2 Destructive Plate Margin
2.1 Found where plates move towards each other - as in this case with the Nazca plate and the South American Plate
3 Conservative Plate Margin
3.1 Occurs when plates slide past each other or move in the same direction but at different speeds. It does not form a volcano as nothing is created nor destroyed but does start an earthquake
4 Shield Volcano
4.1 Erupts frequently but they are gentle eruptions (Less explosive)
4.2 Magma is very fluid and flows quickly
4.3 It has a steep slope
5 Fold mountains
5.1 They are formed on a destructive plate boundary where a river carries sediments such as limestone and sandstone. After years the rocks are compressed into sedimentary rocks where the rocks are forced upwards (KNOWN AS ANTICYNCLINE) in a series of folds because of the movement of the tectonic plate
6 2 Types of Tectonic Plates
6.1 Continental Crust - THICKER and LESS DENSE
6.2 Oceanic Crust - THINNER and MORE DENSE
7 Differences between Constructive and Destructive
7.1 New Crust is formed versus destroyed
7.2 Land forms at different plate margins
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