Pride and Prejudice Themes

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Pride and Prejudice Themes
1 Pride
1.1 Darcy and Lady Catherine look down on lower classes
1.2 Collins
1.2.1 To lower class, he boasts about his connections and is very proud
1.2.2 To higher classes, his pride vanishes
2 Marriage
2.1 Love
2.1.1 Elizabeth refuses to marry Collins because she doesn't love him
2.1.2 Jane marries Bingley for love
2.2 Advantage
2.2.1 Charlotte Lucas marries Mr Collins for security in Chapter 22 'Happiness in marriage is entirely a matter of chance'
2.2.2 Mrs Bennet tries to get all her daughters married so that they are secure.
2.2.3 Money, connections, social status, security
3 Love
3.1 Love at first sight
3.2 Elizabeth will only marry for love
3.2.1 Refuses to marry Collins
3.3 Love is a luxury
3.3.1 Charlotte doesn't mind about love
3.3.2 Mrs Bennet tries to marry Elizabeth to Collins for their stability
3.4 Social class is seen as important
3.4.1 Darcy stops Bingley marrying Jane She doesn't love him, only wants his money
4 Social Class
4.1 Jane and Elizabeth marry into upper class. Lady Catherine doesn't agree with this.
4.2 Lady Catherine
4.2.1 Wants upper class to stay separate
4.2.2 Frowns upon Bennet family because they do not do things that she considers socially acceptable
4.2.3 Tries to embarrass Elizabeth
4.3 Upper class are more prejudice towards lower class
5 Reputation
5.1 Darcy
5.1.1 Saves Elizabeths reputation by paying Wickham to marry Lydia
5.1.2 Seen as arrogant and proud to begin with
5.2 Lydia
5.2.1 Affects the Bennet's reputation by running off with Wickham
5.2.2 Flirt
5.3 Eliazabeth
5.3.1 Doesn't care about reputation Gets overalls dirty when visiting ill Jane
5.4 Wickham
5.4.1 Tries to pin bad reputation on Darcy
5.4.2 Looks and charm are uncovered to reveal true character.
5.5 Mrs Bennet
5.5.1 ill-mannered and ridiculous behaviour gives bad reputation
6 Prejudice
6.1 Mrs Bennet is prejudice against Darcy about what happens at the ball
6.2 Lady Catherine is prejudice against anyone below her
6.3 Mrs Hurst and Miss Bingley are prejudiced against the Bennets
7 Money
7.1 Mrs Bennet wants her daughters to marry into money
7.1.1 Elizabeth to marry Collins so they can keep the house
8 Family
8.1 Affects reputation
8.1.1 Lydias elopement with Wickham
8.1.2 Mrs Bennet's hysterical character
8.1.3 Elizabeth refuses Darcy
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