Attitudes towards development sites (greenfield and brownfield sites)


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Attitudes towards development sites (greenfield and brownfield sites)
  1. greenfield
    1. positive
      1. "this type of development is needed due to increase in population particularly near London"
        1. "the new apartments are stylish and have made area of town look modern"
          1. "Its easy to get on M4. still very accessible even though we're on the edge of town. I like living on the outskirts away from a busy town"
            1. even though greenbelt is lost, the development is good for bringing in more people and business's
            2. negative
              1. some people have to drive through Ascot to get to work. with new homes, traffic can be bad
                1. The development will cause more urban sprawl. Bracknell will soon be joined to Wokingham which can be a problem for all the wildlife.
                2. Greenfield development Peacock farm Estate Bracknell
                  1. 14000 new homes
                    1. 91 acres of country park land
                      1. doctors surgery
                        1. 2 primary schools
                3. brownfield
                  1. positive
                    1. Norwich Resident : the redevelopment has really improved that area of Norwich. there are now entertainment facilities and the riverside is great for a summer walk with the new paths
                      1. Housing minister: This eas a greay opportunity to provide a numberof 1 and 2 bedroom apartments for the rising number of young single people looking to rent and buy properties, while at the same time be able to improve the apearence of the area
                        1. Factory owner Norwhich: there wa a cost of cleaning the land before redevelopment could begin but lots of jobs have been created and the area is now thriving so the benefits outweigh the initial costs
                          1. norwhich factory owner: its a shame to see the factory go as it was in the family for years but we were not making money . the new buildings look great and blend in the atea
                          2. Large Site East of the city centre 17 hectars of brownfield land near the river wensum
                            1. the development has an entertainment complex including a 14 screen cinema and a large shopp
                              1. there is more than 200 resident units
                                1. there is also a new foot and cycle river across the river
                            2. the general response from the central and local government was generally positive even though there was a cost when cleaning land
                              1. the response from the residents was generally positive as the development looked impressive and improved the area which should attract further attention
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