Newham/London Olympics - Re-urbanisation/regeneration

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A Levels Geography (Newham and the London Olympics) Mind Map on Newham/London Olympics - Re-urbanisation/regeneration, created by Hannah Burnett on 12/31/2014.

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Newham/London Olympics - Re-urbanisation/regeneration
1 Newham before the Olympics
1.1 Indicators in Newham Borough
1.1.1 Rapidly growing population Strain on services - housing/health/education More investment in these services
1.1.2 High levels of population churn Newham has one of the highest population turnover rates in London Not an attractive place to live - need more green spaces Legacy = feel left behind
1.1.3 One of the most ethnically diverse communities in London Not segregated - unified? Politically represented
1.1.4 3/4 of Newham's pop are under 45 Employment competition Moved out?
1.1.5 Newham is one of the most deprived areas in the country - 6th of 354 local authorities More business investment More political representation Investment - education, health, housing Green spaces More opportunities - sports/jobs etc
1.1.6 35.7% of children are in working age families receiving key benefits Education Employment opportunities
1.2 9% of residents in Newham unable to speak English
1.2.1 3rd most deprived London borough 3rd worst borough in the country for child poverty
1.3 Health, unemployment, crime and teen pregnancy levels alarming
1.3.1 Rate of robberies per 1,000 of pop = x10 national average
1.3.2 17.3% unemployment (mean national rate is 4.8%)
1.4 10% of the borough = green space
2 The legacy of the Olympics
2.1 Olympic park open 24hrs and is free for Newham residents to visit
2.2 More Newham residents worked on the Olympic Park than residents from any other borough
2.3 Over 230 clubs in Newham
2.4 By the Games there were 9 different train lines running into Stratford
2.5 Olympics brought more than £9billion of investment to East London - most spent on transport
2.5.1 £6.5b on transport
2.6 Athlete's village relaunched as East Village housing estate
2.6.1 Almost half of the 2,818 new homes are affordable BUT may still be unaffordable to Newham's poorest households 11,000 houses Only 30% affordable! Low income earners pushed out = gentrification
2.7 £300million media centre housing 'Infinity' - a data company for large corps
2.8 60.5% employment rate - December 2012
2.8.1 Unemployment high during Olympics No qualifications - 13.6% Newham / 9.3% GB
3 SWOT ANALYSIS - 2012 Olympics
3.1 Strengths
3.1.1 Tourism - 1/2million spectators a day More accessible for disabled
3.1.2 UK gov hopes to create 3,000 high tech jobs
3.1.3 Soil hospital - soil stripped Clean up of River Lea and canals
3.1.4 Olympic village - 2,800 units and 35% affordable housing Improved transport - underground lines
3.2 Weaknesses
3.2.1 380 companies employing 11,000 people had to be moved
3.2.2 Not all promised affordable housing was fulfilled
3.3 Opportunities
3.3.1 Affordable housing
3.3.2 Environmental
3.3.3 Tourism
3.3.4 Investment - new businesses
3.4 Threats
3.4.1 'High tech jobs' not suitable for locals Some without qualifications - Newham 43% adults had no qualifications
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