Female Artist Representation

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Female Artist Representation
1 Influences
1.1 Aluna Francis
1.2 Katy B
1.3 Jess Glynne
1.4 Styling
1.4.1 Feminine but non stereotypical Covered Non-sexualised
1.5 Strong and confident
1.5.1 Lead role Role model for younger generation & fans (16-24, mostly female)
2 Our female artist 'Naomi'
2.1 Lead singer
2.1.1 Fronts the band Strong female lead Role model for target audience (16-24 females) Breaks gender stereotypes in mixed groups
2.2 Styling
2.2.1 Performance Jumpsuit with heels Non stereotypical or voyeuristic, but remains feminine and attractive
2.2.2 Narrative Tshirt & Leggings Also non sexual but colours like purple show femininity
3 David Gauntlett Theory
3.1 Identity
3.1.1 Suggests ways of living
3.1.2 Role model for audience We have applied this to our female artist in the same way that our influences have
4 Richard Dyer's Theory
4.1 'formulaic' bands/artists, product of record company
4.1.1 We have challenged this by creating new & individual dance band, breaking gender conventions
4.2 market for 'real, authentic' bands or artists
4.2.1 We have applied this by giving Naomi a regular personality, making her fun and appealing
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