Blood Brothers-Themes

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Blood Brothers-Themes
1 Social Class
1.1 Russel shows how wealth brings prvilege, even down to the way the Johnstone's and the Lyons are treated differently by law
1.2 Russel indicates he influence society has on invididuals, in their education, behaviour and opportunities.
1.2.1 At the end of the play, Mickey says "I could have been him" making the audience aware of how differently life ay have turned out for him if he had of been brough up in the Lyons family.
2 Nature vs Nurture
2.1 How much a persons life is determined by their inherited genetics ('nature') and the environment they grow up in ('nurture')
2.1.1 The boys are identical twins and so the difference in the way their lives turn out must be a result of their different upbringings
3 Fate, bad luck and destiny
3.1 All of the major characters are presented as being trapped and plagued by various kinds of misfortune and bad luck.
3.1.1 Russel seems to be asking us to consider whether there really is such a thing as fate or destiny or whether life pans out because of natural rather than supernatural reasons, because of the way we are educated and live. Everything in the play leads to question whether these things really exist
4 Friendship
4.1 Eddie and Mickey's friendship is initially strong, despite their different social backgrounds.
4.1.1 In the adult world, unemployment and poverty hits Mickey. Edward appears to be from a different world. When they go their separate ways, shaped and moulded by education, wealth and social status, tensions develop between them.
5 Education
5.1 This is linked to social class. Russel shows that wealth brings different educational opportunities which lead to very different lifestyles.
5.1.1 Eddie goes to uni leading to a successful career in politics while Mickey is in a factory making boxes. Redundancy leads Mickey to crime, drug addiction and depression.
5.1.2 When Mrs J loses her husband she falls into poverty which her lack of education has provided her with no easy escape. She can take unskilled wok and relies on the State for rehousing her to a better place. Whereas Mrs L who despite presumably a middle-class education, is still not self-reliant. Russel suggesting perhaps that the traditional lives women lead have less freedom, even when educated.
6 Men and Women
6.1 Mrs J, Mrs L and Linda all suffer at the hands of the men in their lives- either let down by them or receive no affection from them. Females more passive, males active and macho.
7 Money
7.1 Mrs J life in debt, buying things on "never-never", leads to problems. Mrs L's wealthy existence fails to bring her contentment and happiness.
7.1.1 When Edward returns as a wealthy man, he cannot appreciate Mickey's reaction to being jobless. Nor can Mickey's pride allow him to accept financial help from Edward.
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