Computer Science

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Mind Map on Computer Science, created by Sam Etchells on 06/04/2019.

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Computer Science
  1. Theory
    1. Software
      1. Languages
        1. High Level
          1. An advance language that can be 'read' as it resembles human language
            1. Uses interpreters and compilers to convert
              1. Slow to execute but easy to code
                1. Examples
                  1. Anything else
                2. Low Level
                  1. Written in a style that doesn't look like human language
                    1. Uses an assembler to convert to machine code
                      1. Very quick to execute
                        1. Examples
                          1. Engine control systems
                      2. Error Types
                        1. Linking
                          1. Occurs if a referenced file cant be found
                          2. Runtime
                            1. A error with the code that isn't found during analysis like 0/0
                            2. Logical
                              1. The program runs to completion but doesn't give the expected result
                              2. Rounding
                                1. When details are lost due to rounding
                                2. Truncation
                                  1. Occurs when data is shortened
                                3. Stages of compilation
                                  1. Lexical Analysis
                                    1. Symbol table analysis
                                      1. Syntax Analysis
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