How Plants Use Glucose

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How Plants Use Glucose for AQA additional science

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How Plants Use Glucose
1 Respiration
1.1 manufacture glucose
1.1.1 in leaves
1.1.2 Use some glucose for resperation
1.1.3 convert the rest of glucose into other substances used to build new cells and grow Needs the energy from respiration
2 Making cells walls
2.1 glucose is converted into cellulose
2.1.1 For making strong cell walls especially in a rapidly growing plant
3 Proteins
3.1 glucose is combined with nitrate ions
3.1.1 absorbed from the soil
3.1.2 makes amino acids Makes into proteins
4 Stored in Seeds
4.1 Glucose is turned into lipids
4.1.1 (fats and oils)
4.1.2 for storing in seeds sun flower seeds for example contain a lot of oil Seeds also store starch
5 Stored as starch
5.1 turned into starch
5.1.1 stored in roots leaves stems ready for use when no photosynthesis like in winter
5.1.2 starch is insoluble makes it better for storing than glucose stupid glucose a cello with lots of glucose would draw in water and swell stupid glucose
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