Section A of Paper 1

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Section A of Paper 1
  1. It will always be can prepare by reading: -
    1. newspaper articles
      1. travel writing
        1. diaries
          1. biographies and autobiographies
            1. information books
              1. letters
                1. writing that expresses personal opinion
                  1. magazine articles
                    1. internet articles
                    2. The kind of questions you might get: -
                      1. Give reasons for something that happens in the passage.
                        1. Put things in you're own words.
                          1. Explain about the writers techniques
                            1. Select important words and phrases.
                              1. Some questions may ask you to focus on particular lines
                                1. Some passages may have more than six questions, whiles others may only have two or three
                                2. As a reader you need to look for evidence of: -
                                  1. audience or readership
                                    1. purpose of the text
                                      1. intended audience reaction
                                        1. any writers techniques you can see
                                        2. How long will i have?
                                          1. you should spend 30 minutes on section A
                                            1. A good thing to do is spend 10 of the 40 minutes to read the passages carefully and annotate
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