The Hobbit

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The Hobbit
1 An unexpected journey
1.1 There was a common Hobbit who lived in "La Colina" who's lasts names where Tuk and Bolson
1.1.1 The Tuk was more or less respected family, but very very rich, more than the Bolson. They were characterised to have a lot of adventures
1.1.2 The Bolson family didn't do anything outstanding, were rich as any other Hobbit. Were very respected.
1.1.3 One day like anyone else, a wizard called Gandalf was looking for Bilbo for a special job… When he asked the hobbit the job, he refused "kindly" for doing it. Gandalf doesn't give up that easy… So, in despite of the answer of the hobbit, he left a mark in the door of the Hobbit's house The next day, someone knocked the door. Bilbo got astonish, he wasn't waiting for anyone that day It was a dwarf Bilbo invited him to his house for a cup of tea and some rolls He do that because Hobbits are known by their kindness and they always like visits Then, 12 more dwarfs knocked the door. He obviously got amazed Not to far, he discovered that the origin of that big meeting was Gandalf's mark. It was a plundered job! He didn't understood at all The dwarfs explained him by singing some songs of the future journey they would have. His Tuk side aroused The next day… They meet in the Posada del Dragon Verde next to Delagua He was offered 1/14 part of the lost treaure! He took the job The most important Dwarf was Thorin Oak coat Dori Balin Bifur Bofur Buombur Dwalin Fili Kili Oin Gloin Ori Nori
2 Roast Mutton
2.1 They started the journey, with everyone in their horse and the Hobit in a pony.
2.1.1 First, they cross the country of the hobbits. A large country of graceful people. Then they arrived to a place where the people talk other languages and the people there was cold. It feld a dismal atmosphere there At that point of the journey, the Bolson side was winning, so, bilbo started longing for his Hobbit hole They still going, but they did't realised that Gandalf wasn't with them… In that time, it was raining. They were searching for a dry place to slept. In that way, they found a light, like 2 miles away from them. They decide, that the Hobbit job was going to be needed They sent Bilbo to investigate what was going there. He didn't want. On the sly, he walked to the light. Apparently it was a bonfire. Then he notice that there were 3 trolls. He knew that trolls, often have rare things in their pockets He believed that if he stole something and brought it to the dwarfs, he would be a hero Wrong decision Unfortunately, they surprise the Hobbit stealing. They interrogate it and knew that there were mor people out there. Also, they were starving… They kidnaped the 13 elves However, someone made them fight between them, by impersonate the Trolls Trolls are known by being very clumsy He made them argue a lot of time The time passed until the dawn came. Rapidly, the Trolls became stone when the light touched them. Gandalf was the one who save the hobbit and the dwarfs They found some food in the cave of the trolls Also they found three magic swords, forged by elves
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