Three Gorges Damn, China Top-down strategy

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Three Gorges Damn, China Top-down strategy
1 Positives
1.1 Helps with flood control, protects 100million people from flooding
1.2 Generates 22,500 MW of power
1.3 Large ships can now use the Yangtze river, improving trade
1.4 Created jobs
1.5 Reduces the need for coal fired powerstations, meaning there's less pollution and cleaner air
2 Negatives
2.1 1.3million people had to relocate, recieving little compensation
2.2 Yangtze wildlife species threatened, particularly the Yangtze dolphin
2.3 Silt will get trapped behind the dam, and in 50 years this will cause problems for flood control
2.4 Pollution from sewage, farm and industrial waste
2.5 Farmers downstream will no longer receive the annual floodwaters which irrigate their land
2.6 The dam is built on fault lines
2.7 Tourism has been negatively affected
2.8 Very expensive (US$26billion)
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