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1 Energy Issues
1.1 Types of energy
1.1.1 Non-renewable energy resources Resources that have been built up, or evolved over time. Also known as stock resources These types of energy resources have a 'reserve' and cannot be used without depleting the stock, due to formation being slow Examples of this type of energy include Oil Coal Gas
1.1.2 Renewable energy resources Also known as flow/stock resources Resources that have a natural rate of avalibility These sources of energy yield a continuous flow, that can be consumed at anytime Renewable energy are spilt into 2 different areas Critical Sustainable energy resources which require management. e.g. Forests, plants, animal waste Non-critical Everlasting resources e.g. Tides, Waves, Wind, Solar energy
1.2 Energy Demands
1.2.1 Shell's future plans


1.2.2 By 2050 energy demand is expected to double
2 Worlds Energy Mix
2.1 Link to interactive map, on the worlds energy mix as well as Europe's energy usage


  • - Global energy mix
  •  - Europes energy usage
2.2 Currently, all the fossil fuels being used means that there is a lot of CO2 emmisons


2.3 Countries gather their energy from a variety of sources, as one source may not be able to supply their energy needs
2.3.1 Currently the global energy mix means that 87% of energy resources come from fossil fuels
2.4 In the UKs the energy mix:
2.4.1 70% is made of fossil fuels
2.4.2 Renewable energy is still below the UK average of 6%
2.4.3 Coal use has fallen by 40% Most likely caused by coal mines closing in the 1980s
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