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1 Heat Health Effects
1.1 Skin burns
1.2 Heat stress
1.3 Dehydration
1.4 Fatigue
1.5 Headaches
1.6 Stress
2 Heat Control Measures
2.1 Reduce heat at source or insulate at heat source
2.2 sheilds to protect against radiant heat
2.3 increased ventilation and/or fine water spray
2.4 job rotation to reduce exposure
2.5 heat resistant PPE
2.6 adequate rest breaks with cold drinks
2.7 training and supervision to instruct/monitor workers in safe systems of work
2.8 pre-employment health screening and acclimatisation
3 Cold Health Effects
3.1 Circulation problems
3.2 Hypothermia
3.3 can exacerbate vibration effects
3.4 fatigue
4 Cold Control Measures
4.1 adequate training and supervision
4.2 pre-emplyment medical screening and ongoing health surveillance
4.3 equipment may need to be specially design, e.g.: storage racking
4.4 regular removal of ice build up, if needed
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