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NTLS Target Audience


Mind Map on NTLS Target Audience, created by Joshua “Latymerm on 01/16/2015.
Joshua “Latymerm
Mind Map by Joshua “Latymerm, updated more than 1 year ago
Joshua “Latymerm
Created by Joshua “Latymerm over 7 years ago

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NTLS Target Audience
  1. Tertiary
    1. Late 30's/ Early 40's
      1. Fans of the slow paced, emotional music
        1. Not too digital or overwhelming
        2. HIghest income
          1. Possibility of high sales- especially CD's and Vinyls
          2. Narrative video
            1. Authentic VHS footage
              1. Nostagic feel- they had experience with this technology when it was revolutionary
                1. Nice change from digital mass
                2. Relatable- can associate to memories of the troubles of young love
            2. Primary
              1. Alternative/ Electronic fans of any age or gender
                1. Maximum outreach
                  1. Wide appeal
                    1. PArticularly popular in the UK
                      1. London scene already quite big
                        1. However, the Genre is not often seen at the top end of the UK charts
                          1. Possibility to thrive from this and create breakthrough artist
                  2. Secondary
                    1. Electronic/ Alternative Fans
                      1. Late teens/ Early 20's
                        1. In this age group the genre is most popular
                          1. Guaranteed consumption
                          2. Internet generation
                            1. Download- Illegal or Legal
                              1. Possibility of reduced profits
                              2. Prolific users of social media
                                1. Easily reachable
                              3. Spend the most money on live events
                                1. Possibility of NTLS tour- profitable
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