Psychology - Stress

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The description of acute and chronic stress, linked in with the nervous system. Pictures do not appear on the show, but do when just a mind map.

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Psychology - Stress
1 Stressor
1.1 Hypothalamus
1.1.1 Chronic Stress Produces CRF - activates the anterior pituitary gland Produces ACTH - stimulates the adrenal cortex Produces corticosteriods - maintains steady supply of glucose and suppresses the immune sytem
1.1.2 Acute Stress Activates the adrenal medulla - producing adrenaline and noradrenaline Arouses the sympathetic branch of the ANS Sympathetic Branch Autonomic Nervous System Peripheral Nervous System Somantic Nervous System Nervous System Central Nervous System Parasympathetic Branch (attached to Chronic Stress)
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