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Immune System A network of cells and chemicals throughout the body that seek out to destroy all invading particles.
Antibody They are produced to attack specific antigens. They are made by lymphocytes. B cell lymphocytes mature in bone marrow; T cells mature in the thymus gland.
White blood cell They are important defenders that have non-specific immunity. Leucocytes included non-specific killer cells.
Antigen Foreign invaders that stimulate an immune response and defend the body against numerous bacteria, viruses, parasites and toxins e.t.c.
Stress A physiological and/ or psychological response to a stressor. Where the perceived demands of a situation are greater than a persons perceived ability to cope.
Stressors Internal or external factors that are threatening and have the potential to cause a stress response.
Acute stress From specific situations or events that, to an extent, can be good for you.
Chronic stress From repeated exposure to a stressor which is bad for you because stress hormones are not designed to be constantly activated.
Neurotransmitter A substance released from the end of a neuron to the synapse, causing the adjacent neuron to be inhibited, e.g. dopamine, serotonin, GABA, noradrenaline.
Hormones Substances produced by a gland or organ of the body that circulates in the blood, only affecting specific target cells.
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