Earthquake Case Study

Matthew Jones
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Geography (Restless Earth) Mind Map on Earthquake Case Study, created by Matthew Jones on 09/02/2013.

Matthew Jones
Created by Matthew Jones about 6 years ago
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Earthquake Case Study
1 New Zealand
2 Causes
2.1 Caused by the Pacific Plate being dragged under the Austrialian plate (a destructive plate boundary)
3 6.3 on the Richter Scale
4 The buildings of Christchurch were weakened from an earthquake that had struck in 2010
5 Effects
5.1 Primary
5.1.1 6 story building collapsed
5.1.2 181 people killed, around 2,000 people injured
5.1.3 Water and sewage pipes damaged
5.1.4 80% of the city was without electricity
5.2 Secondary
5.2.1 Businesses were closed for long periods of time causing a loss in money
5.2.2 People were affected mentally
5.2.3 Christchurch could no longer host Rugby World Cup Matches so it lost the many benefits of it
6 Response
6.1 Short Term
6.1.1 Cared for the most vunerable
6.1.2 Ensured people were away from dangerous buildings
6.1.3 International Aid sent money and workers to help New Zealand
6.2 Long Term
6.2.1 Paid $898 million in insurance claims on buildings
6.2.2 Provided temporary shelters and made damaged buildings water tight

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