Animal Farm

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Chapter 1, 2, 3, 4

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Animal Farm
1 George Orwell
1.1 English novelist,social critic, journalist
1.2 Nineteen eighty-four,homage to catalonia,the road to wigan pier
1.3 social injustice, dystopian novels,imperialism, communism
1.4 25/jun/1903-1/jan/1950
1.5 Eric Erthur Blair
2 Chapter 1
2.1 Characters
2.1.1 Old Mayor
2.1.2 Mr. Jones
2.1.3 Dogs, Pigs, hens,sheep cows,horses,
2.2 After the bad treatment of Mr.Jones, the animals of the Manor Farm, decided to do something against their own. all of them agroup with old major, and plan a revolution, the reunion was covered of wisdom and communism in which all animals are equal
2.3 Communism, tyranny
2.4 "prosperity of one is not the prosperity for the othres
3 Settings
3.1 March- June
3.2 Manor farm,Red lion, ENGLAND
4 Chapter 2
4.1 Characters
4.1.1 Snowball, Napoleon(pigs)
4.2 "animalism"
4.2.1 an allegoric reference to Communism
4.2.2 The notion that humans are animals
4.3 7 Commandments
4.4 After the death of the old major, day by day the feelings of anger and vengance were rising, Mr. Jones didnt fed them or attend them, the animals burst in a barn with food,MR. Jones men fought against animal but they were expelled.the animals present the seven commandments
5 Chapter 3
5.1 animalisim flag
5.2 "4 legs good, 2 legs bad"
5.3 animals start doing Mr.Jones work by themselves, pigs get books of the farmhouse and start teaching literature to all animals, some of them did learn and apply their knowldge others dont. But without knowing it pigs were becoming into leaders by the excuse of they were the leaders and if their woludn´t be in the farm Mr.Jones would return
5.4 October
6 Chapter 4
6.1 October
6.2 Characters
6.2.1 Mr. Pilkington, Mr. Frederick
6.3 the owners of farms, that reccently had occured a rebellion present an attack plan at the red lion,a battle was forced at the animal farm but snowball had learn defensive tactics of julio caesar so they had previous knowldge of how they need to defend. Boxer killed a farmer and all of the rest escape, a sheep die so ina an assembly they agree to give a military condecoration. finally a gun would be fired twice a year, one on the anniversarry of the battle of cowshed and at the anniversary of the revolution
6.4 Battle of cowshed
6.5 Animal Hero, First Class
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