operating system/Building PC

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operating system/Building PC
1 Purpose of the operating system
1.1 The operating system manages certain aspects of the computer so the users doesn't have to,it can have a graphical interface (GUI) and/or a command line interface (CLUI)
2 Building PC
2.1 Keywords
2.1.1 RAM Random Access Memory Ram allows data to be read and written.
2.1.2 Optical Drive Memory stick CD's DVD's It uses laser to read data on a CD or DVD
2.1.3 ROM Read Only Memory It contains instructions that the computer to uses to boot up
2.1.4 mother board Allows different components to commmunicate with each other.
2.1.5 Hard Drive Is what stores all of your data( files and folders).
2.1.6 CMOS batery The battery that sets the time and date on the computer and when you take it out it goes back to defult
2.1.7 Input Devices Mouse Keyboard Microphone
2.1.8 output Devices moniter Printer Speakers
3 Utility Software
3.1 Anti-Virus
3.1.1 Finds and quarantines virus in the computer the user then gets the choice on whether they want to delete it or not
3.2 Disk Fragmenter
3.3 Firewall
3.4 Automatic updates
4 Network topolohgies
4.1 ring network
4.1.1 Sends one data packet one way round to the correct nodes. However it cannot go the opposite way in a ring network. The ring nwtwork is the cheeper and easiest to set up out of the three networks.
4.1.2 If one nodes is removed from the network then the whole network will break down because it cant pass the gap between the node that is broken.
5 Network topologies
5.1 Bus network
5.1.1 Advantages If one node breaks the system will still work as if the node didn't break
5.1.2 Disadvantages
6 Custom Written
6.1 Advantages
6.1.1 If there is any bugs with it the user can tell the people who made it that there is something wrong with it.
6.1.2 It is designed only for the people who want it.
6.2 Disadvantages
6.2.1 Really expensive
6.2.2 Takes time to make because you have to make sure that it is working properly before they can give it to the person who wants it.
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