Uses of Limestone.


Limestone uses
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Uses of Limestone.
  1. building material
    1. boring grey/white colour.
      1. often formed from sea shells
      2. quarried
        1. great for making blocks. For statues and cathedrals.
          1. virtually insoluble in rain water.
            1. acid rain reacts with it and dissolves it.
          2. crushed up and used in road surfacing
            1. Powdered limestone is heated with powdered clay in a kiln to make cement
              1. mixing cement with sand, water and gravel makes concrete
                1. heated with sand and sodium carbonate = glass
                  1. PROBLEMS
                    1. ugly holes permanently change the landscape.
                      1. noise and dust.
                        1. created by lorries and quarrying processes
                        2. destroys the habitats of animals and birds.
                        3. BENEFITS
                          1. provides houses and roads
                            1. dyes, paints and medicines
                              1. used to neutralise soil
                                1. and lakes and rivers, made acidic by acid rain are also neutralised.
                                2. used in power stations to neutralise sulphur dioxide
                                  1. a cause of acid rain,
                                  2. provides jobs
                                    1. brings money into the local environment
                                    2. Landscaping and restoration is normally required.
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