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1 Love
1.1 Desdemona is frank about her sexual desire for her husband.
1.2.1 'Sweet Desdemona'
1.2.2 'But I do love thee'
1.2.3 'an old black ram is tupping your white ewe'
1.2.4 'your daughter and the Moor are now making the beast with two backs'
1.3 It is questioned whether Desdemona and Othello actually consummated their marriage
2 Honesty and Faithfulness
2.1 Refers to chastity, the question of whether or not a woman is honest or whether she is promiscuous.
2.2 Iago tries to convince Othello that his wife is sexually dishonest.
2.3 As long as Desdemona has the handkerchief in her possession, she is chaste.
2.4.1 'Villian, be sure thou prove my love a whore!'
2.4.2 'Give me the ocular proof!'
2.4.3 'If she be false, O, then Heaven mocks itself!'
3 Violence in Relationships
3.1 Despite Desdemona's loyalty, Othello physically and verbally abuses Desdemona, slapping her and calling her a whore in public.
3.2 Desdemona is rather passive when Othello strangles her.
3.3 Desdemona blames herself for Othello's aggression, even though she is the victim.
3.4.1 'Not quite dead? I that am cruel yet merciful'
3.4.2 'Ha! No more moving? Still as the grave'
4 Jealousy
4.1 Othello is jealous of other men who get Desdemona's attention
4.1.1 'O, beware, my lord of jealousy! It is the green-eyed monster!'
5 Homosexual Relationships
5.1 Cassio had a dream whilst sleeping next to Iago
5.1.1 Cassio grabbed Iago, kissed him and put his leg over him. 'That grew upon my lips: men laid his leg over my thighs and sigh'd, and kiss'd'
6 Form
6.1 Shakespearean Tragedy
6.1.1 Ends in death
6.2 Play
6.2.1 Actors speak in dialogue
7 Structure
7.1 5 acts
7.1.1 numerous scenes
7.2 10 syllables per line
7.2.1 lines flow better
7.2.2 easier for actors to remember
8 Language
8.1 Animalistic Imagery
8.1.1 'ram'
8.1.2 'ewe'
8.2 Racism
8.2.1 'black'
8.3 Irony
8.3.1 'Honest Iago'
8.4 Character names related to religion
8.4.1 DesDEMONa
8.4.2 OtHELLo
9 Context
9.1 Written in the Elizabethan Era
9.2 Typical of Shakespeare's other tragedies
9.3 Audiences loved the drama
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