Math Module IV Juan Armando Pérez Vital A01400839 Multicultural

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Mind Map on Math Module IV Juan Armando Pérez Vital A01400839 Multicultural, created by Armando Vital on 09/03/2013.

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Armando Vital
Created by Armando Vital about 6 years ago
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Math Module IV Juan Armando Pérez Vital A01400839 Multicultural
1 Rational Numbers
1.1 Quotients of integrers Is the greatest common factor of numerator and the denominator 1.
1.1.1 Fundamental property of rational numbers a/b * k/k = a/b* 36/54 = 2/3*18/18=2/3* Cross-Product test a/b=c/d if a*d=b*c 36/54=2/3 36*3=108 54*2=108 108=108
2 Operations with rational numbers
2.1 To realize the operation of addition the two fractions must be redrawn in a unit taht both have in common, then add numerator with numerator and the same with denominator, then the fraction simplifies
2.1.1 1/3+2/5= 5/15+6/15= 11/15
2.1.2 Addition and Simplifying of fractions
2.2 Multiplying of fractions
2.2.1 Multiply the nominator with th other and teh same with denominator 1/2*2/5= 2/10 Because 2 and 10 are multiples of themselves they can be simplified by the same number taht is 2 2/10= 1/5
2.3 Division of fractions
2.3.1 To divide the fractions invert the divisor and then multiply (7/8)/(1/4)= 7*4=28, 8*1=8 = 28/8 (a/b)/(c/d) = ad/bc

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