Population Dynamics

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Population Dynamics
1 The population is currently increasing!
1.1 Every second 5 people are born and 2 people die
1.2 Population started to increase rapidly in 1950 due to advancements in technology
2 Population Change
2.1 Population Increase
2.1.1 Births - No Contraception
2.1.2 Immigration
2.1.3 Better Healthcare
2.1.4 Development of modern medicenes
2.1.5 Having hygienic Housing
2.2 Population Decrease
2.2.1 War
2.2.2 Use of contraception
2.2.3 Diseases
2.2.4 Lack of healhcare
3 Population Pyramids
3.1 Upright Triangle = Rapid Growth
3.2 Rectangle = Slow/Stable Grwoth
3.3 Upside Down Triangle = Negative Growth
4 Demographic Transition Model
4.1 DTM is a model or theory which shows how population growth occurs in a country over time
4.2 Limitations
4.2.1 Based on Western Countries
4.2.2 Don't count for dease, war or resources in LEDC's
5 Youthful and Old Populations
5.1 Youthful - Problems
5.1.1 Not having enough housing
5.1.2 Pressure on schools
5.1.3 Pressure on resources
5.1.4 Pressure on health care
5.2 Old - Problems
5.2.1 Pressure on health care - more beds and retirement homes
5.2.2 Don't have enough people at working age
6 Policies to control population
6.1 China's One Child Policy
6.1.1 Families advised to have one child
6.1.2 Anti-natalist
6.1.3 Pay heavy fines for having more than one baby
6.1.4 Enforced not Encouraged
6.2 Iran
6.2.1 Introduced an Anti-natalist policy as there population rate was at 3.2, and to help improve their economy and the status of women
6.2.2 In 1980, policy was abandoned and everyone was encouraged to have as many children as possible so they could have a 20 million man army
6.2.3 After 1986, policy was brought back as rapid population growth caused Iran to go into a depression
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