Classification of Joints

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Classification of Joints
1 Physiology
1.1 Synarthrosis
1.1.1 Joints without movement
1.1.2 Bones are articulated Fibrous tissue Bone growth
1.1.3 Type Scaly Harmonic Gomphosis Schindylesis Dental
1.2 Diarthrosis
1.2.1 Anatomical Meniscus Fiber Cartilage Marginal Articular cartilage Articular Surface Ligaments
1.2.2 Type Reciprocal Lace condileas Symple Bicondylar Double Bicondylar Enarthrosis Trocleoartrosis trochoid Arthrodia
1.2.3 Join bone long Humerus with radius and femur with tibia
1.2.4 Connects the upper an lower extremities with the axial skeleton.
1.2.5 Movements Abduction - Adduction Rotation flection - Extension Pronation - Supination Prosttucion - Restruccion Circumduction pressure - elevation Diduccion Opposition -replacement Inversion - Eversion
1.3 anfiartrosis
1.3.1 Type Very limited Movements low amplitude features little joint cavity articular cartilage and and have fibrous formations haven't articulated capsule but if have peripheral ligaments surrounding the joint
2 Anatomical
2.1 Fibrosa
2.1.1 this type of joints are in the cranium, face an in the long bones in growth
2.1.2 constitudes by two bony ends and a type of frabric that joins to these elements it supports the inflexibility between the bony pieces
2.1.3 the joins of the crain bones are synarthrosis inmovile joins that fix bony pieces each by means of cartilage of connective fibrous fabric
2.2 Sinovial
2.2.1 Is a fluid viscous and light that found in the joints
2.3 Cartilaginous
2.3.1 Have no joint cavity; the bones are held together by hyaline cartilage. Their types are Synchondrosis Connection is hyaline cartilage It's locate bertween the symphysis and the diaphysis of a bone It believes like sinartrosis Symphysis It's amony the bodies of the vertebrase The connection is with a wide, flat disc fibrocartilage From the functional point are amphiarthrosis

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