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  1. WWW stand for World Wide Web
    1. The world wide web looks after all the documents
    2. A document type declaration should be at the beginning of all HTML elements
      1. The tags <html> should go at the beginning, and </html> should go at the end of a HTML document
      2. HTML stands for hypertext markup language
        1. HTML describes the structure of a web page
          1. HTML is the code used to make the website
        2. HTML consists of a series of elements
          1. Tags represent HTML elements
            1. Tags label pieces of content like headings and paragraphs
              1. Tags like <title> should be at the beggining of a title and </title> should be at the end of the title
                1. Tags like <body> should be at the start, and </body> should be at the end of the body
                  1. <H1> is the biggest heading and the number goes up to <h5> as the smallest heading
                    1. <P> is for paragraphs
              2. 1st: Enter the url into the web browser
                1. 2nd: The browser searches the DNS server for the ip address
                  1. ip address is an unique address indentifying a machine. Every server has an ip address
                    1. 3rd and lastly: The browser sends a http request to the server
                  2. Tim Berners-Lee invented the internet
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