The use of comma

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The use of comma
  1. To separate words in a list
    1. I like apples, bananas, grapes and mangoes.
    2. In direct speech
      1. 'I'm married', she said.
        1. He replied, 'Me too.'
          1. BUT: 'Are you married?' he asked. (no comma)
          2. To separate a question tag
            1. She's here, isn't she?
            2. To separate introductory word or phrase
              1. By the way, did you hear about Sue's car?
                1. On the other hand, I might go to the party.
                2. To separate main clauses, especially long ones, linked by 'and', 'as', 'but', 'or'
                  1. We were looking forward out holiday next year, but unfortunately it rained.
                    1. BUT: My best friend's name is Karen and she is from Wales. (no comma before 'and')
                    2. Before and after a clause that gives extra information
                      1. Anne, who is a famous pianist, is my sister.
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