A View From The Bridge: Respect and Reputation

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A View From The Bridge: Respect and Reputation
1 Respect and Reputation
1.1 One of Eddie's main concerns is Respect (or lack thereof) and honour
1.1.1 works hard to support his family and has a proud sense of personal honor.
1.1.2 At the beginning of the play, he is a respected, well-liked member of his community.
1.1.3 the play follows his tragic demise as he loses the respect of others and his good reputation. infuriated when Marco spits on him and accuses him of turning him in to the Immigration Bureau reputation is tarnished and his neighbors Lipari, Louis, and Mike ignore and ostracize him. Alfieri ends the play by affirming that he still mourns Eddie respectfully, granting Eddie some vestige of a positive reputation after all.
1.1.4 constantly worries about being disrespected or dishonored by Catherine, Beatrice, Marco, and especially Rodolpho. "I want my name, Marco!" "I'm ashamed. Paper Doll they call him. Blondie now." "Katie…if you wasn't an orphan, wouldn't he ask your father's permission before he run around with you like this?" I want my respect. Didn’t you ever hear of that? From my wife?
1.2 matters of personal honor and reputation are of great importance in the close-knit community of Red Hook.
1.3 To Marco, Respect is also incredibly important and Eddie's betrayal is a direct lack of respect for he and Rodolpho.
1.3.1 When Marco yells this in front of the whole community, he's launching a full-out assault on Eddie's reputation "That one! [Eddie] He killed my children! That one stole the food from my children!"
1.3.2 Marco sees the only way to regain his honour would be to murder Eddie - Spitting on him in front of his family and community is not enough "Everybody knows you [Marco] spit in his [Eddie's] face, that's enough, isn't it?" Warned by Alfieri that Killing Eddie is is not honourable. "To promise not to kill is not dishonorable."
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