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patentes en colombia

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  1. Requirements to Request an Invention Patent
    1. The identification of the applicant and the inventor
      1. A summary with the object and purpose of the invention.
        1. One or more claims that require the subject matter for which patent protection is needed.
          1. The card for the thematic file and a card for the file of owners, duly filled out, in accordance with the format of the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce.
            1. The powers that are necessary
              1. Proof of payment for an Invention Patent or a Utility Model Patent.
                1. When there is a previous foreign application: the copy of the first patent application, in the event that priority is requested, expressly indicating: if the priority is not claimed, the copy is not required.
                  1. Title or name of the invention that must be Descriptive, Brief and Accurate
                  2. Entity in Charge
                    1. In Colombia, the entity responsible for granting patents is the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce
                      1. Its main offices are located in Santafé de Bogotá D.C.
                      2. International Novelty Verification
                        1. The Superintendency requires a worldwide search.
                          1. Reviewing a patent application can last up to 2 years.
                          2. Request
                            1. The invention patent is conferred for 20 years, counted from the application.
                              1. Once this period has expired, the protection of the state ceases and the invention becomes a world heritage site.
                                1. Any Colombian citizen can apply for his patent.
                                2. A patent is a legal title granted to an applicant for protection of an invention.
                                  1. Documents Needed To File Patent Application
                                    1. Description and claims
                                      1. Drawings
                                        1. power
                                          1. Priority Documents
                                            1. Reports
                                              1. costs
                                            2. publication
                                              1. When the procedures are passed, a publication must be made in "THE GAZETA DE LA INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY".
                                              2. Patent Classes in Colombia
                                                1. Original patents are those independent of any foreign patent
                                                  1. Foreign patent is the one requested for the first time in a country other than those of the Cartagena Agreement.
                                                    1. Priority patents of the Cartagena Agreement are those granted with the priority of a previous application in a member country of the Agreement
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