Ethnicity and education

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Ethnicity and education
1 External factors
1.1 Cultural deprivation
1.1.1 Intellectual and linguistic skills Englemann - Language spoken by low income black families is incapable of expressing abstract ideas
1.1.2 Family structure High rates of lone parents in the Black community, so boys often associate education with femininity
1.1.3 Parental support Pryce - Asian families have strong communities and are more resistant to racism, black Caribbean's are less resistant and their families offer less support
2 Internal/school factors
2.1 Teacher labelling
2.1.1 Mirza studied group of ambitious black girls and found that racist teachers held them back. They got on with their work to avoid interaction with teachers
2.1.2 Sewell Black boys reacted differently to stereotypes; the majority wanted to succeed but not be stereotyped, the minority put emphasis on sexual reputation and saw school as a threat to their manhood, they disliked white boys
2.1.3 Mac an Ghaill Black and Asian A level students. They felt negatively labelled but did not always live up to it
2.1.4 Fuller Black girls who were high achievers and channelled their anger about labels into being high achievers but tried to appear laid back
2.1.5 Parry Afro-Caribbean boys taught by Afro-Caribbean teachers still underachieved, as they didn't want to be seen as a nerd
2.2 Ethnocentric curriculum
2.2.1 Ball 1971 National curriculum ignores culture and diversity by teaching that English is superior Outdated and Chinese are the highest achievers but their culture is not taught in schools
2.3 Institutional racism
2.3.1 Individual racism Prejudiced views of individuals E.g teacher not disciplining a black boy because she sees him as aggressive
2.3.2 Institutional racism Discrimination built into the way institutions operate School canteens not providing halal meat
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