"The life of a roman slave was a miserable one."


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"The life of a roman slave was a miserable one."
  1. Intro
    1. The way people became slaves
      1. Capture in war
        1. Piracy
          1. Born into slavery
            1. Serious crimes
              1. Exposure
                1. Vernae
              2. Paragraph 1
                1. Types of slaves
                  1. Domestic
                    1. Cleaners
                      1. Cooks
                      2. Industrial slaves
                        1. Mines
                          1. Factories
                          2. Public Slaves
                            1. Construction projects
                              1. Roads
                                1. Public buildings
                                2. Cleaning public areas
                                  1. Maintenence
                              2. Other
                                1. Gladiator
                                  1. Prostitute
                                2. Paragraph 2
                                  1. How slaves were treated by master
                                    1. The conditions in which they worked in
                                      1. Loss of identity
                                        1. No legal rights
                                          1. Owned by someone
                                            1. General rights and treatments
                                            2. Punishments
                                              1. What would happen if they comimtted a crime
                                                1. Crucifixion for serious
                                                  1. Branding
                                                    1. Scourging
                                                      1. If master mudered
                                                        1. Whole household would be tortured
                                                      2. Good things
                                                        1. If you were good you would be treated better
                                                          1. Payment of peculium
                                                            1. Chance of freedom
                                                              1. Manumission
                                                                1. Incentive for slaves to work hard
                                                                  1. Touched with rod (vindieta)
                                                                    1. Ended with a slap
                                                                      1. Once freed
                                                                        1. Wore pileus
                                                                          1. Became roman citizen
                                                                            1. Descendants had rights
                                                                              1. Became a client of master
                                                                            2. Use peculium to buy freedom
                                                                              1. If you had witnessed incriminating evidence
                                                                                1. Sick
                                                                                  1. Old
                                                                                2. Conclusion
                                                                                  1. Will Mitchell
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