GCSE Religious Studies - Benefits of a Multi-Ethnic Society

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A mind map detailing just some of the many benefits of a multi-ethnic society, from fashion to food, language to dance. This resource is especially relevant to the philosophy modules of the GCSE Religious Studies course.

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GCSE Religious Studies - Benefits of a Multi-Ethnic Society
1 Language
1.1 By having a multi-ethnic society, people gets to experience different languages.
1.2 Having a multi-ethnic society gives people the opportunirty to learn a new language and then practise their new found skills with natives.
1.3 Native speakers of languages can use their skills to tutor. Hence, parents can easily find experienced speakers to teach their children, and adults can find experienced speakers to guide them on their language journey.
2 Dance
2.1 Dance has been a fundamental benefit of multi-ethnic societies, which varies dance styles such as Zumba, various African tribal dances and dances such as the Hakka native to Australia and New Zealand becoming all to familiar to members of multi-ethnic societies such as Britain.
3 Food
3.1 Multi-ethnic societies have led to a global sharing of foods.
3.2 Without this international sharing of food, you wouldn't have pizza, pasta, croissants, curry, rice, nor many, many other foods which you know and love.
3.3 This international sharing of food in multi-ethnic societies is so prominent today, that outlets selling just British food have to advertise as such, instead of it being taken as a given. This is particularly seen on childrens' menus, on which foods such as pasta and pizza are always available even in traditional British establishments such as pubs.
4 Music
4.1 As with dance, music has been one of the most fundamental and famous benefits of multi-ethnic societies. These days, music from a variety of cultures is loved by members of multi-ethnic societies.
5 Fashion
5.1 Multi-ethnic societies have had a huge impact on modern fashion, from clothes and designs to patterns and materials all from different countries from around world, brought to multi-ethnic societies by immigrants and travellers,
6 Culture
6.1 Multi-ethnic societies lead to a sharing of culture.
6.2 A sharing of culture leads to better understanding of different cultures, which in turn can minimise racial discrimination.
6.3 The sharing of cultures and the better understanding of different cultures which follows aids the education of the population in multi-ethnic societies.
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