File Management


Year 7 Computing Mind Map on File Management, created by Jeslyn Chukukere on 10/14/2019.
Jeslyn Chukukere
Mind Map by Jeslyn Chukukere, updated more than 1 year ago
Jeslyn Chukukere
Created by Jeslyn Chukukere almost 3 years ago

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File Management
  1. Sync it with OneDrive
    1. If you lose your files on your computer you can go onto OneDrive and get them back
    2. Backup your...
      1. Devices
        1. So that your files and data don't get lost
            1. Keep your files tidy
              1. So that you can find documents that you need
                1. Make a file for different subjects like...
                  1. Maths
                    1. English
                      1. Science
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