SAB4#35 Close Project or Phase

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Rita 156-157; HF 140

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SAB4#35 Close Project or Phase
1 Project Manegement Plan
2 Accepted Deliverables
3 Organizational process assets (OPAs)
4 Final Product, Service or result transition
5 OPAs updates
5.1 Project Files: All documentation resulting from the project's activities
5.2 Project/Phase closure documents: Formal documentation that indicates completion of project/phase
5.3 Historical Information and Lessons learned are transferred to the lessons learned knowledge base.
6 Expert judgment
7 Analytical techniques
8 Meetings
9 For PMI a project always HAVE TO close out. No matter the circumstances under which it stops, is terminated or is completed.
10 ATTENTION: This process is one part of project closing. The other part is the Close Procurements
11 The Validate Scope process, involves getting formal acceptance from the customer for many interim deliverables. The Close Project or Phase process, involves getting de formal acceptance of the project/phase as a whole.
12 Process: 4.6 Close Project or Phase
13 Process Group: Closing
14 Knowledge Area: Integration Management
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