Evaluation Q3 - Audience Feedback On The Final Drafts Of Our Ancillary Tasks

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Evaluation Q3 - Audience Feedback On Our Ancillary Tasks

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Evaluation Q3 - Audience Feedback On The Final Drafts Of Our Ancillary Tasks
1 Magazine Poster
1.1 Teacher Feedback - It was mentioned that the website at the very bottom could potentially be a tiny bit smaller as that isn't the main aspect of Magazine Poster and she feels like this has the potential to drag their attention away from the more important aspects on the poster, such as the QR Code and Release Date, and this could be a problem if they only briefly look at the Poster. She commented on the fact that the background image is very well taken and it looks like something which would actually be on a real mainstream artist Magazine Poster.
1.2 Target Audience Feedback - The demographic audience really liked the Magazine Poster, many commented on the professionalism of the poster while others mentioned the logo and how it was a good idea that we branded our band. A lot of our audience noticed the QR Code and said it was a good idea that we have thought about social media and the significance that it has on the music industry and media forms nowadays. A few people however did mention the fact that the black outer glow/shadow effect looks quite amateur however the white outer glow/shadow effect around the other pieces of text and images do look good.
2 Digipak
2.1 Teacher Feedback - Our teacher's main criticism was the fact that the 'Lyrics Page' doesn't really fit in too well with the pages within the Digipak - it has a different font and a complete black background which is completely different to the other pages. However, apart from that criticism she said the continuity throughout was very good and each page was quite unique and different. It was also mentioned that the Digipak front cover gives a bold and strong statement about our Star Image.
2.2 Target Audience Feedback - Our audience commented on the use of black and white colour scheme and how it stays the same throughout the Digipak, they said it showed that we thought about Continuity within the Digipak. Another thing which they said showed Continuity was the fact that the scenery and background we used is the same as one of the scenes within our Music Video - this was something we were aiming to acheive, and their feedback proved that we had accomplished this.