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learning about E-mails and how it works

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  1. works
    1. It helps people to contact with others
      1. You can get Mails from others telling you new information
        1. That you might not know about
          1. about your jobs
            1. up coming notifications
              1. for example something you haven't heard about
          2. disadvantages
            1. You can get junk mail
              1. Which you can solve by calling the people and asking them.
              2. If you sent a mail
                1. You can't delete it
              3. Advantages
                1. It can keep you ready any news you haven't known about
                  1. for example you had a bake sale coming up
                    1. This is a way to keep you organised
                    2. you can also reply to some one
                      1. you can save to drafts if you want to come back to it later
                    3. It has an Inbox where you can see what others have sent you
                      1. You can also see who sent the mail and the description
                        1. And delete some of the mails depending if they are junk or you don't want them
                          1. You can do this by just dragging the maul you don't want into the delete icon
                    4. If you delete your old e-mails
                      1. you still see your E-mails
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