An Inspector Calls (Act 1)


Character development in Act one
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An Inspector Calls (Act 1)


  • An Inspector Calls (Act 1)
  1. Eric
    1. Powerless- he is interrupted a lot, even by his own sister.
      1. Naive- asks a lot of questions and doesn't quite understand the conversations.
      2. Mr Birling
        1. Wants to be dominant and in control- long speeches and shares his wisdom
          1. Ignorant and foolish- Says there will be no war and says the titanic won't sink.
          2. Gerald
            1. Polite and trying to fit into the family- Carefully chooses his words, compliments Mr Birling and agrees with what he is saying
              1. On edge when the Inspector arrives- Is interrupted by the Inspector, asks if he can have a drink when the name 'Daisy Renton' is mentioned and becomes defensive when Sheila confronts him about it.
              2. Shelia
                1. Guilty after she admits to getting Eva Smith sacked. She says 'If i could help her now, I would-'
                  1. When she shouts at Eric at the beginning it foreshadows her outburst when she asked for Eva Smith to be sacked. Eric says 'she's got a nasty temper' and later on Sheila says she was 'in a furious temper' in the shop.
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