P1A Topic 1


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P1A Topic 1
  1. Solar System
    1. Geocentric Model
      1. Ancient greeks
        1. Everything orbited the earth in circles
        2. Heilocentric model
          1. Introduced Copernicus 1543
            1. Condemned by the church
              1. Galileos observation of Jupiter's moons
                1. Sun
                2. Current model
                  1. Ellipiticals
                3. Waves
                  1. Properties
                    1. Amplitude (height of the wave)
                      1. Frequency (waves per second)
                        1. Wavelength (distance of one peak to the next)
                          1. Speed (How fast)
                          2. 2 types
                            1. Transverse (the vibrations are 90 degrees to the direction of travel)
                              1. Longitudinal (the vibrations are along the same direction of travel)
                              2. Waves transfer energy and information without transferring matter.
                              3. Reflection
                                1. Wave hits boundary between one medium and another.
                                  1. The angle of reflection r is the same as the angle of incidence i
                                    1. Occurs because of a change in density.
                                      1. air to glass.
                                    2. Refraction
                                      1. EM waves travel slower in more dense.
                                        1. Hits face on, no refraction, same direction.
                                          1. Hits at a angle wave changes direction.
                                            1. bending effect
                                              1. Air to glass bends towards the normal
                                                1. Glass to air bends away from the normal
                                              2. Lenses
                                                1. Converging lens (convex)
                                                  1. Causes rays to converge to a focus
                                                  2. Diverging lens (concave)
                                                    1. Causes rays to diverge
                                                    2. Focal point one at the front, one at the back.
                                                      1. Focal length
                                                        1. Distance from the lens to its focal point
                                                        2. A real image is there (projected on a screen) a virtual is not (can not be projected on a screen)
                                                        3. Telescopes
                                                          1. Refracting telescope
                                                            1. In a refracting telescope, the objective lens forms a image inside the tube. Eyepiece then magnify's it.
                                                              1. Objective lens = Convex lens
                                                              2. The rays are so far away they're pretty much parellel
                                                              3. Reflecting telescope
                                                                1. Uses two mirrors and a eyepiece lens.
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