Changes between 1500-1900

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Changes between 1500-1900
1 Travel and transport
1.1 I think that this is one of the things that changed the most in this 400 year time period.
1.2 Due to the improvement in travelling methods people were able to go other places and comute to work, They could get in the city jobs rather than farming or local trade.
1.3 In the village in the 1500 the roads are dirt tracks, they are commuting from place to place on a wooden cart pulled by a horse
1.4 In the 1900 all the roads had turned into proper roads made of coble, there are also coaches and trains
1.5 Their is a train and railway going over the river in the 1900 pictures, this was after the industrial revolution. In the 1500 hundreds there were boats on the river.
1.6 Ideas and news could be spread around faster
2 Population
2.1 As we get to the time period after the industrial revolution the population grows
2.2 People are able to come into the villages due to new transport methods.
2.3 People have a different fashion sense as it is a different ear. after the industrial revolution they were able to make a wider variety of clothing, also they could mass produce the clothes because of new machinery, they were not having to do it by hand which takes a lot longer.
3 Buildings
3.1 The castle that was protecting the village in the 1500 has been nocked down as it is no longer necessary. the stone was probably used to build houses.
3.2 People were earning more money so they were able to build larger and more expensive houses.
3.3 In the 1900's it was compulsory for children of the ages 9-11 to go to school, for this reason a newer larger school has been built.
4 War
4.1 There was a smaller chance of war in the 1900's, so there were more men working in the village and at a longer life expectancy
5 Medicican and disease
5.1 New medicans were being developed so the life expectancy of people was increasing
5.2 People could travel to acess medicans
5.3 In the 1900 there were was not a plague going around, how ever in the 1500's they were still recovering from the Black death.
6 Farming
6.1 People were able to get better jobs as there were more work opportunities in the 1900's, they could travel also to get better jobs, thins meant that they were on average earning more money, this meant that they were able to by more farming land.
6.2 The quality of the supplies and farming equipment had improved
7 Goverment
7.1 In 1900's men had earnt the right to vote in the general election and so could help choose how the country was run.
8 Industry
8.1 More materials had been invented by the 1900's.
8.2 In 1900 Products were being made by machinery rather than by hand, this was far more affective because it was faster and they could turn over far more products by the hour and it was far cheaper.