Search Engines

Jeslyn Chukukere
Mind Map by Jeslyn Chukukere, updated 9 months ago
Jeslyn Chukukere
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Year 7 Computing Mind Map on Search Engines, created by Jeslyn Chukukere on 11/16/2019.

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Search Engines
1 Google
2 FireFox
3 Microsoft Edge
4 Internet Explorer
5 Bing
6 Yahoo! Search
7 Narrow searches to find the results you want
7.1 Put only the key words
7.2 It would make it easier for you to find the right thing
8 Web crawler
8.1 Finds websites or pictures that are similar to what you put in the search bar
8.1.1 So that it will find what your looking for easily
9 Search engines change their formula frequently
9.1 So that the best quality websites will be at the top of the page ranking, instead of a false one
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