Searching for Information with Search Engines

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Searching using keywords on search engines

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Searching for Information with Search Engines
1 What Matters In My Search Query? In groups of 2
1.1 Think of a topic or question you would like to search for. Pick three or four keywords to use in your search query. What happens if you reorder them? Add capitalization or punctuation? What if you take out a word?
1.1.1 Compare and record your searches with these generalisations Keep it simple. Describe what you want with as few terms as possible. Think of how the page you want will be written. Use words that are likely to appear on the page. Use descriptive, specific words. Avoid general or common words. What issues matter most to teens today? In team of 2, brainstorm 5 key words to use, but not the whole search term (Quotes, "" -, CAPITALS). What will be the most effective terms in the most effective combination
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