Childhood in Crisis?-Block 1 (unit 1)


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Childhood in Crisis?-Block 1 (unit 1)
    1. Western world (ideologies)
      1. Media
        1. Public discourses
          1. Romantic view of childhood innocence (18th century Rousseau)
            1. Nostalgia of own childhood
              1. Assisted by the change in thinking of children as an asset to the state to an emotional valuable being (20th century)-Cunnigham
              2. MAIN FEATURES OF 'THE CRISIS'
                1. Child consumerism fears
                  1. Stress of academic achievment/from policies
                    1. Concerns of safety/abuse
                      1. Loss of 'innocence' through clothing/video games etc.
                        1. Health/weight gain
                          1. Concerns over childrens happiness & well being
                            1. Parents pressured to 'keep upto date' through consumerism
                              1. Companies applying marketing strategies in order to 'scaremonger' parents into protecting childs welfare (safety products/stem cell retrieval)
                              2. IMPLICATIONS/CAUSE & EFFECT OF 'THE CRISIS'
                                1. Less freedom for children over fears of safety
                                  1. Parents expected to spend more £ on children (toys/gifts/parties)
                                    1. State intervention into childhood
                                      1. High risk aversion lifestyle
                                        1. Parental confidence lost due to pressures of 'how to parent' (media etc.)
                                        2. IS THE CRISIS REAL?
                                          1. NO
                                            1. Its a media fuelled panic
                                              1. Patterned- it repeats every time a new thin is developed (e.g. technology)
                                              2. YES
                                                1. Its also 'Cyclical' not a new phenomenon
                                                  1. Yes-As a reflection of adult anxiety and insecurity in 'new times' p.30)
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