Mass Movement

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Mind Map on Mass Movement, created by conan fitzpatrick on 11/27/2019.

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Mass Movement
  1. Types of Movement
    1. Fast
      1. Avalanche
        1. Landslide
          1. Rockfall
            1. Mudflow /Lahar
            2. Moderate
              1. Earthflow
                1. Slumping
                2. Slow
                  1. Soil creep
                3. Human Interference
                  1. Agriculture
                    1. Excavation
                      1. Mining and quarrying
                        1. Deforestation
                        2. Factors affecting Movement
                          1. Natural disaster /Tectonic activity
                            1. Human activity
                              1. Vegetation
                                1. Slope materrial
                                  1. Water content
                                    1. Slope
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