Atoms, molecules and compounds - C1

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Section 'Atoms, molecules and compounds' from area C1 of Chemistry GCSE - board OCR Gateway.

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Atoms, molecules and compounds - C1
1 Atoms
1.1 positive nucleus
1.2 orbiting electrons
1.2.1 negatively charged
1.2.2 move around nucleus in shells
1.3 form bonds to make molecules or compounds
1.3.1 electrons
1.4 can lose or gain 1+ electrons
1.4.1 gives charge negative (gains) positive (loses)
1.4.2 charged atoms known as ions covalent bond atoms share pair of electrons ionic bond positive ion meets negative ion - attracted and join together
2 Displayed and molecular formulas
2.1 shows how many atoms in each formula
2.2 molecular formula
2.2.1 eg. CH4 (Methane) 1 carbon - 4 hydrogen
2.3 displayed formula
2.3.1 diagram of CH4 shows atoms and covalent molecules as an image/diagram
3 formulas to remember


  • all numbers within formula small and below letters
3.1 CO2 - Carbon dioxide
3.2 H2 - Hydrogen
3.3 H2O - Water
3.4 O2 - Oxygen
3.5 CO - Carbon monoxide
3.6 HCl - Hydrochloric acid
3.7 CaCl2 - Calcium chloride
3.8 MgCl2 - Magnesium chloride
3.9 Na2CO3 - Sodium Carbonate
3.10 CaCO3 - Calcium Carbonate
3.11 H2SO4 - Sulfuric Acid
3.12 MgSO4 - Magnesium sulfate
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