I Like to Move It

Amanda Heron
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Amanda Heron
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Mind Map on I Like to Move It, created by Amanda Heron on 12/05/2019.

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I Like to Move It
  1. Maths
    1. Measurement - Money
      1. Multiplication and Division
      2. English
        1. Journey
          1. -setting description
            1. -writing the story
              1. -writing a letter of advice
                1. -make predictions
                  1. -write in role
                2. Science
                  1. Animals including Humans
                    1. Why do we need to eat a balanced diet?
                      1. Healthy Heart and Lungs
                        1. The importance of exercise
                          1. Can I classify foods?
                        2. Computing
                          1. E-Safety
                            1. Programming
                              1. Scratch
                              2. History
                                1. How and why transportation has changed over time?
                                  1. Using a range of sources
                                    1. Timelines
                                      1. Has transport improved people's lives?
                                        1. Transport museum
                                          1. Asking questions
                                        2. Art
                                          1. Painting
                                          2. RE
                                            1. Hinduism
                                            2. PE
                                              1. Send and return
                                              2. PSHCE
                                                1. Dreams and Goals
                                                2. LAUNCH
                                                  1. DT- Making vehicles
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