Opposition towards Tsar NII

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These oppositions were long term causes of the 1905 Revolution and the end to Tsarist autocracy in February 1917

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Opposition towards Tsar NII
1 Populists (Narodniks)
1.1 Made up of intelligentsia and bourgeoisie
1.2 The peasents were capable of overthrowin the government with the help of education and enticement to violence
1.2.1 They had little success due to lack of interest from the peasants
1.3 They were successful in assinating Alexander II
2 Social Revolutionaries (SR's)
2.1 Made up of Populists and Marxists
2.2 Divided between anarchy or a revolution to overthrow the government
2.3 Between 1901 and 1905, arnarchist members commited over 2000 political assinations
3.1 Followed the theories of Karl Marx
3.2 However they suffered a division
3.2.1 Bolsheviks Vladimir Lenin believed revolution should be led by a small group of professionals
3.2.2 Mensheviks Julius Martov believed revolution should be led by peasants
4 Social Class
4.1 Industrial workers
4.1.1 Did not gain from the industrial revolution - poorer working and living conditions
4.1.2 No trade unions
4.1.3 Inflation and long hours
4.2 Intelligentsia and bourgeoisie
4.2.1 Driving force of liberalism came from the intelligentsia
4.2.2 Believed in change through reform and not revolution - no plans to overthrow government
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