Analyse the role of the Duma

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Character, seats, aims, policies of the Four Dumas between 1906 and 1914

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Analyse the role of the Duma
1 1: Fundamental Laws: April 1906
1.1 Tsar last word on law
1.1.1 Duma not legislative
1.1.2 "When are they going to shut up" N2
2.1 1906 loan-no financial hold on Tsar
2.2 Vyborg Appeal after Duma dissolution
2.2.1 Refuse tax
2.2.2 Dodge conscription
2.2.3 Failed: Gov puts Stolypin chief minister Imposed martial law+military courts 1906-11, 2500 exe
2.3 Character
2.3.1 A radical, liberal, reformist assembly "Mood of bitterness"
2.4 Numbers
2.4.1 1/3 peasant deputies
2.4.2 182 Kadets, 136 Labourists, 60 National Parties Kadets wanted: Full democrat eleted ass Uni suffrage End censorship Free educ
3.1 Numbers
3.1.1 Labourists 104, National Parties 93, Kadets 91 Kadets lose half seats-liberal cause discreited, extreme leftist encouraged -SD'S AND SR'S ATTEND 70% of St P wORKERS voted
3.2 Character
3.2.1 80 SD/SR deputies, strong Anti-gov
3.2.2 "The duma of the people's wrath" SD's/SR's 80 deputies Accused of subversion by N2, dissolved to prevent SD's killng him
3.2.3 Disagreement between Tsar and Duma and WITHIN DUMA Right wing presence
3.3 Stolypin concessions-his land reform opposed-conservative
3.4 Attacks imperial army organis/deployment
4 4: THIRD DUMA NOV 1907-JUNE 1912
4.1 Character
4.1.1 Docile-gov doctoring of electoral system Stolypin restricts to property owning class-peasant/workers lost vote
4.1.2 Dom of Right Wing-Tsar crit lower
4.1.3 Co-operative- Stolypin continue land reform
4.1.4 BUT: Questioned ministers, discuss state finance Comm system make props for modernis armed service
4.2 Numbers
4.2.1 Octobrists 154, Rightist 147, Kadets 54
4.3 1571 bills approved
4.3.1 Including: social reform Progressive Education Law 1908: Schools poor. National insurance
4.3.2 JP's replace land captains
4.4 Stolypin assassination 1911- tension
5 5: FOURTH DUMA NOV 1912-14
5.1 Character
5.1.1 Less open crit, still voiced some crit
5.1.2 Bolsh dismiss- "rubber stamp on gov policy"
5.1.3 Crit of Lena Goldfields handling
5.1.4 Supported Education Act 1908
5.1.5 Reform Orthodox church
5.2 Numbers
5.2.1 Rightist 154, Octobrists 95, Kadets 53
5.3 Moscow Okhrana report 1912
5.3.1 Russian tensions on awkward/searching questions of duma about gov policy "necessity of calling a consituent assembly" "overthrowing the present system by...the proletariat"
5.4 "Only the blindness of the Tsarist gov" prevent duma doing more

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