What is a computer ?

Sreesahasra Nookala
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What is a computer ?
  1. software
    1. The data inputted into the computer and processed and then found the output
      1. word
        1. PPT
          1. XXls
            1. These are examples of software
          2. Hardware
            1. A part of a computer that you can phsically touch
              1. Monitor
                1. keyboard
                  1. These are examples
                  2. A mouse
                  3. Input
                    1. Data that you have entered into the computer
                      1. Input is something you have done
                        1. You will need to insert data into the computer and let it process the data
                      2. Output
                        1. The output is the part where the computer has processed and is now finding the output
                          1. It is like the safari page the output
                          2. Pheripherals
                            1. A device that is connected to a computer
                              1. cemera
                                1. Printer
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